Feet planted firmly on the ground

Solidly connected with life giving, nurturing Mother Nature

No titter tottering on the earth’s edge for me


Who dreamed up high-heeled shoes, killer heels, tippy-toppy heels?

Who designed corsets that leave women breathless?

Requiring fainting rooms in Victorian times?


Why during the Crusades—1096-1291— did warriors ride off to fight in the Holy wars securing their women left at home guarded by chastity belts?

Who decided women’s feet should be bound?

12th century royal court of China I presume.

Who decided men would control women’s uteruses?

Why have women for centuries worn veils to conceal themselves?

Why is the Burqa veil all consuming, enveloping the entire body with only a meshed screen for the eyes to see?

May we live in freedom and master our own bodies.

May we keep our eyes on the stars and our feet on the ground.

May we worship the Divine Mother, The Goddess, Kuan Yin!

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