Why Women Should Ditch Women’s Day?

VnExpress International has an interesting take on this question.  http://e.vnexpress.net/

According to Vi Vu, The celebration of privileges has become a bigger brand than any woman herself.
Bookstores, supermarkets and convenience stores in Saigon, and possibly across Vietnam, have all put out extra greeting cards, chocolate boxes with flashy knots and heart-hugging teddy bears.

Soon enough, roses and all kinds of banquets will fill up the streets, ready for pickup.

It feels exactly like Valentine’s Day, except that all the fuss is now for women, whether they have a lover or not…

Women are still ignored, doubted, underrated, if not abused and attacked, every day. The loud and clear existence of the Women’s Day just reflects that status quo…

Stephanie Gongora, a yoga teacher in Texas, posted a video three weeks ago, showing her practice during her period and let everyone see her bleeding through white leggings.

“I am a woman, therefore, I bleed,” she said in an Instagram post, which aims to clear the stigma around what most women go through every month.

“It’s messy, it’s painful, it’s terrible, and it’s beautiful. And yet, you wouldn’t know. Because I hide it,” she said, describing how many women do not say “tampons” out loud and have to put them at the bottom of their shopping cart, and pray for a female cashier.

So what would be more important: Being able to put your tampon on the office desk just like you do a bandage, or getting flowers on Women’s Day?

Last month, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced by a roomful of men. In the U.K., the talented singer Lily Allen quit Twitter after trolls attacked her over her son dying at birth seven years ago.

Women still have to convince each other that they have the rights to feel proud and normal about themselves.

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