VF’s “The Princess and the Spree” leaves the reader wanting more, Tell the whole story or non at all.

The recently published Vanity Fair article “The Princess and the Spree” left the reader wanting more (April, 2015). Who is this woman, REALLY? Maha bint Mohammed bin Ahmad al-Sudairi was reported to have stiffed Paris’ prestigious boutiques for $20 million in 2009 and tried to skip out on a $7 million hotel bill.   Audacious as this prank was, what goes unanswered is WHO is she? Reading through the article—waiting, waiting, and waiting for the answer to the big WHY”.  The conclusion is only a very sketchy refrain.   “There is a charm and a sweetness about her.  A lively woman, Maha is said to be passionate about music, singing and “love poetry”.   That’s it? The article reveals nothing more about her nature and character except that her family gushes money, and she is a royal shopaholic.   End of the line, a puny article giving chronicled facts but with no insight into Maha who wears a mask—no real answers.Unknown

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