Why have tattoos? Is it branding or tattooing?


Last summer Why Girl was working at the Ranch—The Will Rogers State Historic Park.  She loves it there.  Stepping down from the Ranch house, she fell.   Park Ranger Tim came to her rescue—ambulance, hospital, broken left arm, off to surgery for a plate and pins.  Now that the break has healed and the scar has turned white, Why Girl wanted to create a tattoo to hide the scar and memorialize the experience, the story.

John, tattoo artist, at the Tattoo Lounge in Venice, Calif. was the perfect choice.

He designed a vine to cover the scar and slightly wrap around the wrist.  At the end of the vine swings a charm, the dog iron brand symbolic of the Ranch.

Having fun.

Mmmm, wonder when and what the next tattoo will be.

IMG_0939 - Version 2

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