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What’s up with that?

A friend from Sacramento wrote Why Girl.  I couldn’t resist sharing her candid comment.

“…been crazy up here.  I just spent $205 at Trader Joe’s today.  OMG, what’s up with that?  Trying to get food for a house guest who is staying with me for four days.  He is vegan and gluten free and blind.  Holy crap.  Healthy eating—you can keep it, my god.”  KP


By the way, KP, is blind.

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Colorado floods: More than 700 evacuated

Colorado flood rescuers take search into remote communities.

Colorado floods—More than 700 evacuated in largest aerial rescue operation since Hurricane Katrina, officials say…

Second note from Colorado, Sept 15, 2013

To my dear friends and family – I want you all to know we’re okay. 

Yesterday afternoon, with the help of three amazing men from Fire and Rescue (they were the ones stranded with us all this time), we hiked up the steep mountain behind my house; 11 people with 4 dogs, 1 cat, 1 cockatiel, and 2 ducks. Just over the top, I must have looked like a pathetic, limping mess, because they put me into an ATV vehicle with  Odin, Birdie, and Sarah’s guitar, while everyone else hiked the rest of the way down the ridge to the top of Apple Valley. There we were met by National Guard troops with a military transport truck. Wonderful men and women in uniform handing us water bottles, asking about our wellbeing, and helping load us into the truck – carefully handling the animals.  I wanted to hug each and every one of them and never let go. They  all belong on a Wheaties box.

They drove us down the mountain, and through the town of Lyons. The town that is no longer what it used to be. Huge pieces of highway gone, trees uprooted, bridges destroyed. The town has been evacuated, and we were told not to expect to be able to get back into Lyons for at least four weeks while they rebuild infrastructure.

They took us to Lifebridge church in Longmont where they had set up a well organized center for evacuees – including an animal center for our pets ready with vets, pet food, pet enclosures, carriers, etc.

The fate of our home is, alas, not to be known for some time. Although most of our property (probably about 2/3 of an acre) was taken by the river, the house was still standing when we left, but the river had cut such a deep and wide gorge, that it is now perched on what looks to be a thirty foot cliff. The steps leading to our front door are now just 10 feet away from the precipice. There is no knowing how it will react to more rain. Also, there will not be any answers for quite some time as to whether there will ever again be road access to the house. The landscape has altered so irrevocably, to get it back to anything resembling what it was seems like it would take another act of God.

Losing our home is cause for much sadness, but this event has, in one searing flash of illumination, distilled my world down to only what is most important – my daughter and the people and creatures I love are all okay. Everything else – the house and everything in it–all the bits and pieces of possessions that seemed so essential at one time, it turns out, are just layers of sweet frosting. 

We are the lucky ones –  there are people and animals who live further up our road who may not have made it out yet. Please pray for them. And while you’re at it, please pray for less rain.

Thank you all for your well wishes and thoughts and prayers. 

Love to you all. Stay safe. Stay warm and dry. Stay close to your loved ones.

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Why a flood? We’re not talking about Noah’s flood but the Colorado flood?

When you’re in a blue funk and friends are emailing notes that they’re also depressed—can’t get enough sleep, anxious and on….

You wonder, “What’s happening?”  But when Why Girl got a note from a friend fighting off the flood in Colorado, having to escape to higher ground; everything jolts into perspective.

The note from Colorado, Sept. 13, 2013Unknown

We’ve had to evacuate again up to even higher ground – away from Ken and Gayles, as their house now comprised. Still no way out. 

Might lose our home. River cut giant gorge in front of house – no longer safe to be there as it will likely undercut foundation.  
Have all essentials with us – don’t know how long we’ll have internet/generator. 
Will keep you posted as able. 
Most importantly – everybody, four-legged, two-legged, beaked, etc. – all safe. 
Love to you all.
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Meet Why Girl’s Interviewer

The Interviewer will be talking to all types of interesting people.  People who are known and others who are not.

Case in point?  It has to be a good “Why Girl” story.

The Interviewer recently spoke to HRH who is 97 years old and sharp as a tack.

An early morning phone conversation found him having a good day.  “Yes, it’s a good day today; I’m not feeling pains or aches.  My letter to the newspaper editor was well received and was accepted without any changes.  My computer printer died; I am getting a new one in a few days and will be up, running, communicating.  So much of my time…my day… is spent seeing doctors, driving to the supermarket, picking up prescriptions, in essence, taking care of my container—my body.  But it serves me well, and I am still here.”

Recent letter to the editor…

Charity begins at home

I received six letters the other day requesting a donation. I threw them all, unopened, in the waste basket. Some I had previously supported, but recently stopped. Yet, they keep hounding me by mail or telephone, as they all “desperately” need funds to continue their charities. How should I respond?

They send gifts to seduce me. I don’t need any more tote bags, calendars, notepads, return address labels, pens. Should I respond with a donation to show my appreciation? The answer is “no.”

I have decided to follow the old advice “charity begins at home.” With a couple of exceptions – donating to responsible NGO’s (non government organization), I shall restrict my giving to local charities. Hundreds of persons in the Cadillac area are jobless, homeless or helpless, even hungry. The federal and state governments help with Medicaid, food stamps, but they cannot, or will not, meet every need.

Therefore, as good neighbors, we are obligated and privileged to share our personal wealth with those less fortunate. Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Harold R. Hodgson

Cadillac News (08/01/13)



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