Why Won’t ‘Words’ Hurt?

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  Bullshit.   Who says?


Why Girl fell—broke her left arm in two places.  Ugh.  Surgery, plate, pins, reconstruction, and pain.  Both broken bones and broken promises are excruciatingly PAINful.


Pain is pain.


One-finger typist.



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Stylin’ With Why Girl

How to beat the heat?  In the summertime when it’s really hot, place fresh flowers in front of an open hearth.  I don’t know how the trickery happens, but it shifts body attitudes from burning fireplace to fresh winds of the outdoors.

Is it smoke and mirrors or myth?   No! It really works to cool down.

There’s science behind this phenomenon.

Hiding a fireplace creates a new look for the room. According to the University of Minnesota website, a number of houseplants tested by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration not only add oxygen to indoor air, they filter out harmful gasses, reducing indoor air pollution. A plant screen becomes a long-term feature of the room that adds oxygen and living flora.


“The sunflower is mine, in a way.” —Vincent Van Gogh.

Read more: http://www.ehow.com/how_6731897_hide-basket-flowers-plant-screen.html#ixzz2ZQlYlBRV

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Where Will We Go After We Die?

Why Girl wants to know.  What is it like to die?  Where do we go from here?

Is it the last “orgasm”?

Is it the last profound “awareness”?

Is it the final explanation of “What’s it all about”?

What happens after death?  Where will we go after we die?

These questions have captivated people’s imaginations since ancient times.  In Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh beliefs, notions of karma—that one’s action in this life can carry forward to the next—encourage practices that acknowledge connection between this world and the afterworld.  So too does the belief in transmigration to a new life after bodily death that is found in some Buddhist and other Asian religious traditions.  Burial rituals, ancestor and spirit worship, shamanism, and beliefs that departed souls still wander among us as phantoms or ghosts, generate respect for, and communications with, a realm beyond.

Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook is one of the leading video artists from Southeast Asia.  Her home country is Thailand.  In this video called “The Class,” Araya stands at a blackboard, lecturing six sheet-covered bodies about death, periodically stopping to ask them questions and to comment, tartly, on their responses.



photo by Vanessa Hodgson


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What is “Bodhicitta”?

Bodhicitta is a method for generating love and compassion for all human beings.

Why Girl heard a story that was a beautiful example of Bodhicitta.

The Story
“Last Saturday I went to a memorial at my church and the food never was delivered there by
the caterers.   Evidently, it got delivered to a ‘Buddhist Temple’…and i thought, hmmm…
fortunately, the widow wasn’t ‘miffed’ that the food didn’t arrive.  It wasn’t about the food; it’s was about the fellowship.”    —R.H.
The widow was practicing Bodhicitta.

Seeing a Real Curiosity in Gridlock

Why Girl’s trusty friend Curious George was in the passenger seat. We were in gridlock; slammed to a halt in Los Angeles rush-hour traffic.  Curious noted her first.   To our right was a conservative “Methodist” woman who had outfitted her car in a very unconventional way.

I grabbed my iPhone to take a photo.  Sorry folks, it’s the best I could do.

Curious lady was driving a car—steering wheel wrapped in leopard cloth and the dashboard was decked out with action figures; surface was filled to the max.  She dressed conservatively in her Bouffant Hair style and blue cardigan sweater.  Her eyeglasses were wire rimmed, and she had a very serious, determined look on her face.

The back of her car was decked out in decals of Hawaiian flowers and phrases like Mahalo and Aloha.IMG_0648.


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Why Girl Loves “Curious George”.

Why Girl’s friend Robin loves “Curious George.”  It makes a lot of sense and here’s why.

Robin commented:

“I asked myself WHY are you WHYGIRL? but then i am known for asking a lot of questions so i read your answer. Thanks.

I have always LOVED “Curious George,” before he was popular and trendy, his curiosity appealed to me at a basic level.
He is interested in EVERYthing, interested in learning new things, interested in seeing
how things work, why things happen, curious about people acting the way they act.

Why do bananas have peels? Why does the man in the yellow hat wear a yellow hat?

Why is being curious important? Stagnant water vs. running! We have to progress
forward in life – we can only do this by opening our minds and ASKING QUESTIONS!

Being exposed to new, fresh ideas – Input from various sources around the world.
Will Rogers believed there are two ways of learning: Spending time with more intelligent people than ourselves and reading. Curious George broadened my perspective. Expand YOUR scope – meet people who are different from you. Make new friends and when you sit down next to each other – go ahead, Ask away!”


Why Do Men (Boys) Leave?

Do all guys that leave women go to the same class to prepare to walk out the door?  Why do the scripts rarely change?  Do they consult the same “how to” manual?  Or, is it Bar-Boy Talk?

Why Girl has created this classic composite.  Rarely does the “script” vary or the No. 2  punch line change—”There is someone else!”


All of a sudden, one day, the guy says—

“There is something I want to tell you…

I am leaving.

I do not love you anymore.

There is someone else.

I have not loved you for years.

I have not been happy for a long time.

You are supposed to make me happy.

Everything is all about YOU.

No, I will not go to couple counseling.

YOU need counseling; not me.

I am not happy.

There is no way to fix this.

It’s over; it’s final.

I don’t love you anymore.

I’ll be back to get my things.

Oh, by the way, the 2 carat engagement ring.  Let’s sell it; I want half of the proceeds.

I’ll pay bills for one month.

By the way, if I have to take the dogs, I am taking them to the dog shelter.

I don’t love you anymore

And, there is someone else.”


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Why Do We Go on Killing Each Other?

Egyptians on edge after clashes leave at least 36 dead in 48 hours

Egyptians were on edge Saturday after clashes between supporters and opponents of ousted president Mohammed Morsi.  Left were at least 36 dead and 210 wounded two days after his removal from office.

A Coup d’état