Why is Runaway Girl “Why Girl’s” Second Cousin?

Spider by Louise Bourgeois

Spider by Louise Bourgeois

The runaway girl escapes life to seek what she has lost.  She has a fear of falling, fear of hanging in there, fear of failing, and a childhood with a tyrannical father.  She is private and fiery all at the same time.

“I was in effect a runaway girl.  I was a runaway girl who turned out all right.”—Louise Bourgeois


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Stylin’ with Why Girl

Mix it up.  That’s Why Girl’s secret to creating a fresh approach to her surroundings.  It’s eye-dazzling and humorous to juxtaposition two unlikely objects.

Concoct “Adam and Eve,” a fine-arts painting by Martin Lubner.

Martin Lubiner's "Adam and Eve" and 50s Kitsch

Martin Lubiner’s “Adam and Eve” and 50s Kitsch

with 50s soft porn ceramics of human figures.  Mix it up.  Combine art unexpectedly.  Create something new visually.  Voila! And there you have it!

Why Girl Style.


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